Art Mask "Čiurlionis Series"

Art Mask "Čiurlionis Series"
Art Mask "Čiurlionis Series"
Art Mask "Čiurlionis Series"
Art Mask "Čiurlionis Series"
Art Mask "Čiurlionis Series"
Art Mask "Čiurlionis Series"
Art Mask "Čiurlionis Series"
Art Mask "Čiurlionis Series"
Art Mask "Čiurlionis Series"
Art Mask "Čiurlionis Series"

Art Mask "Čiurlionis Series"

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The art of a famous Lithuanian painter becomes a mask

Mikalojus Čiurlionis

Mikarojus Čurlionis is a well-known Lithuanian painter and musician. Our shop's original art mask that designed 3 works from that work. It is a mask that can be washed and used repeatedly with excellent elasticity with UV cut function and antibacterial effect.


Product information

Item cloth mask
  • Width: 18cm
  • Height: 13cm
  • 90% polyester
  • Polyspun 10% (functional fiber "Coollon")
    *UV cut and antibacterial effect
  • Blue: Sparks III / 1906
  • Green: Summer / 1907
  • Orange: Sonata No.6 Sonata of the starts Allegro / 1908
Producer Svente
Country of origin Japan
Svente original product
  • Particle collection efficiency (PFE) % inspection is not performed, so please use it as an etiquette to prevent splashing.

About Churlionis

Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis

Born September 22, 1875 - died April 10, 1911 (age 35)

Lithuanian painter and composer. He left about 300 paintings and about 200 pieces of music, many of which can be viewed at the Lithuanian National Museum of Art Čurlionis (Kaunas). It is also characterized by having a work name related to a fantastic style of painting and music.


A musician and a painter, an artist with two talents

Born in Senoy Varena near Varena in the Russian Empire (now Southern Lithuania). The eldest of nine siblings. At the age of nine, he studied music at the Michal Kleofas Oginski Music School. Ten years later, in 1894, he studied piano and composition at the Warsaw Conservatory, graduating with honors in 1899.

Around 1903, he studied art at the Warsaw Art School, and later worked in the fields of Lithuanian art and music. He founded art societies such as the Lithuanian Arts Union and the Lithuanian Choral Society.

In 1909, he married the writer Sophia Kimantaite-Churryonyene. After that, he continued to compose and draw while battling mental illness, but died at the young age of 35 in 1911 without knowing that his own child was born.

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