Lietuviškas Midus

9 products

    9 products
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    Craft gin "Copper Duke"
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    Dry Mead "Milda"
    Mead Nectar "Suktinis"
    from ¥770
    Set of 4 mead miniature bottles
    Set of 6 mead miniature bottles (gift box)
    from ¥4,180
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    Mead liqueur "Biciu Pikio Trauktine"
    スタクリシュケス stakliskes 蜂蜜酒 ミード 北欧 リトアニア
    Mead "Stakliskes"
    from ¥660
    Mead "Trakai"
    from ¥660
    Mead "Miniature bottle 40ml"
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