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Svente LLC directly imports unique products from Lithuania, a historic town in the great nature.


  • 2024.04.24【Event stall】
    We are scheduled to have a stall at the " Handmade in Japan Festival 2024 " (Tokyo Big Sight) from July 20th (Sat) to July 21st (Sun).

  • 2024.03.27【Event stall】
    We are planning to open a stall at the open-air Nordic market " TACHIKAWA LOPPIS " (Tachikawa City, Tokyo) from April 12th (Fri) to April 14th (Sun).

  • 2024.02.17【Media】
    I cooperated with the February 17th edition of NIKKEI Plus 1's " Ranking of Everything " (Nihon Keizai Shimbun) as an expert on mead.

Alcohol, amber, craft goods and food.


We have a wide range of Lithuanian products.

Products handled


A wide range of alcoholic beverages, including mead, craft beer, unique liqueurs, and spirits.

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We offer healthy vegan food that can be enjoyed safely by everyone from children to adults.

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Baltic Amber

A one-of-a-kind accessory decorated with amber from Lithuania, which is fossilized tree sap from tens of millions of years ago.

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Wooden craft

Lithuanian miscellaneous goods such as wooden ornaments, felt coasters, and 2-way puzzles that can also be used as trays.

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Import business partner

Lietuviškas Midus

The only brewery specializing in mead in the Baltic states. Produces alcoholic beverages such as mead, liqueurs, and spirits.

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Genys Brewing

A popular brewery that brews craft beer using slow brewing that emphasizes the environment, quality, and individuality.

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Anykščių Vynas

A prestigious winery known to everyone in Lithuania that produces unique wines using fruits and berries.

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Tundra Snack

A sweets brand that provides vegan snacks that both adults and children can enjoy with peace of mind.

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Arza Gallery

An accessory brand that produces a variety of one-of-a-kind accessories using Baltic amber.

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Etno Design

We produce comfortable pieces that brighten up your room and your heart with unique and warm wooden miscellaneous goods.

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Šventė brings you unique Lithuania.

At Svente LLC
We introduce unique products directly imported from Lithuania, located in the Nordic and Baltic countries, including alcohol, food, amber, and miscellaneous goods.