World's oldest alcoholic beverage

Mead Stakliškės

Lithuanian honey wine
Full of dietary fiber

Vegan Snack Bars

Sprouted Buckwheat Date Bar (Sugar Free)
Lithuanian wooden crafts

Ornament Coaster Puzzle

Cute animals with Nordic pattern
The only one in the world

Baltic Amber Accessories

Fossil tree sap that has traveled tens of millions of years
Coming this spring!

Organic Vegan Craft Beer

Lithuania's first EU organic certified beer
Sold Out
Sprouted Buckwheat Date Bar "Tundra Raspberry Power"
from ¥440
Superfood Powder "Lingonberry"
Superfood Powder "Bilberry (Blueberry)"
Sprouted buckwheat dates bar "Tundra Cocoa Power"
from ¥440
Sold Out
CBD oil "Joys of Spring" 5% (500mg) 10ml

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​Northern Europe and the Baltic States

A country of nature surrounded by forests and lakes



to convey its charm

Lithuanian and Japanese couple

launched an online shop


Unique alcohol, food, craft goods

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