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Etno Design

Warmth of wood and unique pattern

EtnoDesign, which was founded in 2010 and is based in the capital Vilnius, produces unique wooden goods centered around the two families of Linas and Ruta.

We develop coasters, puzzles, ornaments, etc. with a curious approach that connects wood and legends, and unexpected ideas that combine wood and felt.

With delicate laser-cut details and hand-crafted finishes, we create an innovative collection with a wood-scented feel that brightens your day.

Brand characteristics

Lithuanian fairy tales made into wooden goods

A unique idea that combines the warm expression of natural wood with Lithuanian fairy tales and legends that feature rich nature and animals.

The concept is that each work has a different story, and you can enjoy even the background of the miscellaneous goods.

Using a variety of processing methods, we offer unique wooden miscellaneous goods ranging from delicate decorative plywood to innovative wood that bends flexibly.

Laser cut and hand finished

Delicate patterns skillfully expressed in detail with laser cutting and gently rounded contours finished by hand.

The combination of the latest technology and traditional wooden miscellaneous goods making creates the unique Scandinavian pattern design of ``Etno Design''.

Collaboration of natural wood and felt fabric

"Pliant-wood," a combination of extremely thin plywood and soft felt fabric, is a new style of wooden miscellaneous goods that Etno Design has been developing since 2011.

It adds warmth to the table with the scent of wood, and the soft felt fabric won't damage the table, making it a recommended material for families with children.

Product category

wooden ornaments

The animal ornaments are inspired by fairy tales and have a beautiful Scandinavian pattern. If you hang it up and display it, you can also enjoy shadow puppets.

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Wood felt coaster

A unique coaster made of warm natural wood and soft felt fabric. It won't damage the table either.

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Wooden TWO-WAY puzzle

Puzzles featuring dogs and cats with unique facial expressions. It can also be used as a tea tray.

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Etno Design

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