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Arza Gallery is an amber brand that sells a variety of amber products including handmade accessories. We are disseminating the unique characteristics of amber that can only be found here, such as its natural energy, fragrance, and beauty effects.

The concept of amber accessories created by Mr. Algina and Mr. Rolandas is reflected in the fact that they emphasize fashion rather than value as high-quality jewelry.

Amber rough stones each have a different expression. For over 20 years, we have been producing accessories that take advantage of the unique characteristics of amber itself, without making too many changes.

Brand characteristics

Amber floating in the Baltic Sea "Baltic Amber"

Amber is fossilized tree sap that has solidified. Amber that was created more than 20 million years ago is called amber, and anything that is younger than that is called copal and varies in strength.

Amber that is mined in the Baltic Sea is also called "Baltic Amber" and is a specialty of Lithuania.

The sap from trees tens of millions of years ago sank into the Baltic Sea as the topography changed, and over many years it turned into amber, which is still washed ashore on the shores of Lithuania on the waves.

"Talisman" in the era of nature worship

In the 13th and 14th centuries, Lithuania was a much larger country than it is today, and at one time was even the largest country in Europe.

At that time, Lithuania was said to be the last country in Europe to accept Christianity, and before that, nature (forests and trees) and living things (snakes and bees) were objects of faith.

Baltic amber has been worn as a ``talisman'' accessory since then, and even today, people can be seen adorning it with rituals of nature worship during summer solstice festivals and other events.

A one-of-a-kind item that takes advantage of the shape of the rough stone

AWe restore Lithuania's ancient amber processing techniques and propose new interpretations that add modern individuality to traditional decorations.

Amber is not overly manipulated, and we emphasize designs that follow the natural shape of the stone, and we do not use artificial materials or undergo any chemical processes.

All of Arza Gallery's works are handmade accessories that are unique in the world.

Used by famous celebrities

Alza Gallery's works have been worn by Queen Silvia of Sweden, the Princess of Saudi Arabia, British designer Paul Smith, and others, and even famous Italian designer Franco Moschino has been commissioned to create custom-made decorations. We have a track record of

Of course, Arza Gallery's amber accessories are used in many situations in Lithuania, including as gifts in the presidential office.

Through its long creative career, it has been supported by many celebrities, and has become a unique brand with an unchanging concept.

Types of amber that change in color

Amber is divided into types depending on its color.

  • Cognac Amber
    An orange color named after brandy.

  • Yellow Amber
    A clean and transparent yellow.

  • Cherry amber
    Deep ruby ​​color.

  • Royal Amber
    Opaque cream color.

  • Black Amber
    Black processed with heat and pressure.

Also, if there are black patterns in the amber, it is bark or seaweed. The parts that appear sparkling are due to the cracks in the amber refracting light.

Also, in very rare cases, amber with insects taken in during the solidification process of the tree sap can be sold at a high price, but if the amber is sold with neatly arranged limbs, it is likely that the amber has been artificially made from resin or the like. This happens often, so be careful.

3000 year old “buried tree”

Amber is not the only unique feature of Arza Gallery. Some of our accessories are designed with ``buried wood'' called bog oak.

Bogwood is a buried tree that has been charred under pressure in peat over many years, and is essentially a fossilized tree. Among them, a buried oak tree that is over 3,000 years old and is native to Lithuania, which has many lakes, is called the bog oak.

Fossilized tree sap "Baltic Amber" and fossilized tree "Bog Oak." We also have many unique designs that give you a sense of nature, which has been created over many years.

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Handmade accessories using Baltic amber. The design that combines the fossilized tree "bog oak" is also attractive.

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