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Wooden goods

Wooden goods are a traditional craft of Lithuania. In Lithuania, the craft market "Kaziukas Festival" is held every March, and in addition to wooden goods, ceramics and local specialty products gather from all over Lithuania, and it is famous as a festival that attracts tourists from all over Europe.

Etno Design's sophisticated pieces, which combine traditional Lithuanian wooden goods with modern ideas and techniques, can be enjoyed by both children and adults and are perfect as gifts.

You're sure to find something you like.

Wooden ornaments

The delicate details of laser-cut natural wood and the unique animal expressions will decorate your room. You can also enjoy illumination by creating silhouettes on the wall using a smartphone light.

It comes with a durable, ultra-thin transparent string, so you can hang it without blocking other decorations or the view.

Lineup (size)

  • Deer (XL)
  • Sheep (L)
  • Fox (M)
  • Horse (M)
  • Wolf (M)
  • Smile bunny (M)
  • Ladder Bunny (M)
  • Kitten (S)
  • Baby rabbit (S)


Natural wood (fiberboard)

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Wood felt coaster

A new style of wooden goods, "Pliant-wood" (flexible wood), is a combination of natural wood and felt fabric.

This coaster is delicately laser-cut with a Scandinavian pattern inspired by nature and animals.


  • Lily and bird
  • Linen and birds
  • Sage and bird
  • Vilnius tree


Surface: Natural wood

Back side: Felt fabric

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Wooden TWO-WAY puzzle

The puzzle is made of natural wood that gives you a sense of warmth, and the pieces can be removed and used as a tray. You can enjoy puzzles with the unique facial expressions of dogs and cats.

Can you complete this surprisingly difficult puzzle before the tea is ready?

Lineup (number of puzzle pieces)

  • Cat 13 pieces
  • Dog 12 pieces


Natural wood (fiberboard), beeswax coating

Target age

3 years old and older

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Wooden goods/interior

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