The Dead Dunes

Part of the world heritage “Curonian Spit”

About us

Family business

Svente LLC is a family-run company managed by a Japanese husband and a Lithuanian wife.

We met in London in 2015, got married in Japan in 2018, and established a company in 2019 to make a living of spreading Lithuanian personality to Japan and obtained a liquor license.

With the ultimate balance between a husband who makes careful plans and avoids risks, and a wife who lives only once and is fearless, she continues to take on unique and new challenges with the motto of "Do what you want to do." which seems easy but is actually difficult.

Chief Executive Officer

Yoshiki Hashimoto

Born in Kumamoto, Japan.
Sports lover.

Executive Assistant

Sandra Hashimoto-Jasiulevičiutė

Born in Kazlu Ruda, Lithuania.
Animal lover.
Scary films never scare her.

"We love the uniqueness"

Team YOSA since 2015

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