Craft beer brewery

Genys Brewing Co.

A brewery that is attracting attention for its slow brewing

Genys Brewing started in 2016 as a small-batch craft beer brewer. In 2018, it was awarded Best Brewer Lithuania by the major beer review site “RateBeer”. The local taproom also became a popular brewery.

By brewing experimental yet easy-drinking beers inspired by tradition and history, we are leading Lithuania's independent craft beer movement. We slowly brew beer to achieve the best possible taste and aroma while emphasizing the environment, quality, and individuality, and are constantly challenging the taste and brewing techniques of beer.

The sound of a woodpecker can often be heard in the forests of Lithuania. We chose "Genys", which means "woodpecker", as the name of the brewery, aiming to be a brewery that can be heard and heard from far away.

Brewery characteristics


Mr. Laurinas and Mr. Jonas, who had been brewing beer in rural Lithuania, launched Genys Brewing in 2016 as co-founders, and after making some capital investments, opened the current brewery in Kaunas in 2017.


Beer is made from water, yeast, barley, and hops without any unnecessary ingredients. We do not use any other raw materials that we would not use ourselves.

We create unique beers by selecting ingredients inspired by Baltic styles.


We use green electricity produced from renewable natural energy sources and hold the "Powered by Green" certificate issued by the Lithuanian Ministry of Economy.


Make beer with love! We are a small company that aims to produce high quality beer. We thoroughly emphasize quality over quantity. We develop all of our unique recipes ourselves and never compromise on taste or aroma.


Clarification and filtration processes are carried out after beer fermentation. Although auxiliaries are often used to increase production efficiency, they are not listed as additives.

At Genys Brewing, we aim to use as few unnecessary substances as possible, so we use a method to pump out the supernatant after fermentation and offer unfiltered beer. The taste and quality of beer comes from the fact that it takes time to perfect the beer.

We also have a wide range of vegan-friendly products as we do not use animal aids.

Product category

Craft beer

Craft beers brewed slowly have very unique ingredients, flavors, and labels. We also carry vegan and organic brands.

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Genys Brewing Co.(ゲニス・ブルーイング)

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Craft beer brewery

Genys Brewing Co.

Baltic style craft beer