Mead brewery

Lietuviškas Midus

A mead brewery in Lithuania, the honey powerhouse.

``Lietviškas Midus'' was founded in 1959 as the only brewery in the Baltic countries specializing in mead. We produce mead-based liqueurs and spirits, including the world's oldest alcoholic beverage, mead. We have many brands that are registered as Lithuanian national heritage sites.

Mead brewing, which was popular in Europe from the 16th to the 17th century, declined after the 18th century due to the effects of deforestation on bees, and mead was only produced on special occasions.

However, in the 20th century, A. Sinkevičius, the founder of Litoeviškas Midus, started brewing mead by applying the techniques he had learned from beer brewing, and quickly became known as the pioneer of modern mead.

The company's mission is to pass on traditional manufacturing methods to the next generation and to present the name "Lithuania" as well as the fact that mead is a representative drink of the country.

Brewery characteristics

Mead, the world's oldest alcoholic beverage

``Rainwater collected in a beehive that had been destroyed by a bear, fermented and turned into alcohol, which was drunk by a passing hunter.'' This episode, which took place about 9,000 years ago, is said to be the origin of alcoholic beverages, and is said to be the origin of alcoholic beverages, not only for common people but also for generations. It has fascinated many people, from the kings and queens of Japan to the gods of mythology, and has been drunk from generation to generation.

In medieval Europe, mead was believed to bring fertility, and there was a custom for newlyweds to drink honey on full moon nights in order to conceive. This is the origin of the word "honeymoon," and it has a history of being given as a souvenir at weddings as an auspicious drink.

History of mead

Characteristics of “Lithuanian Mead”

Since its founding in 1959, the beer brewing techniques cultivated by the founder, A. Sinkevičius, have been utilized in the brewing of mead, which later became a national heritage.

Its impressive character is created through a special brewing process that uses hops as raw materials and herbs unique to Lithuania.

Complexity from herbs and spices

The honey used for brewing is 100% natural honey from Lithuania, which is also known as a honey powerhouse. By using well-balanced nectar that is perfect for mead brewing, we have pursued a firm sweetness and a refreshing drinkability.

Mead can be made using honey, water, and yeast. In Lithuania, each brand uses herbs and spices to give it a gorgeous aroma and complex taste.

Natural water source rich in minerals

Although there are no mountains in Lithuania, there are said to be more than 4,000 lakes, and there are many underground water sources that gush out mineral-rich natural water.

The Nemunas River (English name: Neman River), which has a total length of 900 km and flows across the country to the Baltic Sea, is also famous, and the Stakliškes region, where the brewery is located, is also a source of hard water rich in minerals. The neighboring town of Druskininkai is also a popular resort with many luxury spas.

Lithuanian National Heritage

This system was started in 2007 to evaluate and protect the quality of traditional Lithuanian products, not just food.

Many of Lietviškas Midus' brands, including mead and mead nectar, which are brewed using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation in the Stakliškes region, are registered as Lithuanian national heritage sites.

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)

A system that indicates that the quality and evaluation of a product originates from its place of origin and is protected within the EU as a type of intellectual property right.

In 2013, Stakliškes received this Geographical Indication Protection certification, which is given to products with quality and characteristics that reflect the characteristics of their place of origin or geographical environment.

*COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) No 1196/2013 of 22 November 2013 [Stakliškės (PGI)]

British royal patent

Queen Elizabeth I of England in the 16th century was a fan of mead, a type of mead made with herbs and spices, and even created her own original recipe. This alcoholic beverage is said to be the origin of the word "medicine" due to its herbal effects on health.

The mead ``Staclishkes'', which has a unique manufacturing method using herbs, was patented in 1972 by Queen Elizabeth II of England at the time, and became a ``British Royal Patent Brand'' with permission to import it into the UK. Ta.

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Honey liquor is said to be the world's oldest alcoholic beverage and is said to be the origin of alcoholic beverages. Produced using honey from Lithuania, a major honey country, using a special manufacturing method that applies beer brewing technology.

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Mead Nectar

Using herbs and berries as a base for spirits distilled from mead. Mead nectar, which is rare in the world, is characterized by the aroma of medicinal herbs and the sweetness of honey.

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We will introduce a variety of honey-style alcoholic beverages, from honey-based liqueurs to unique alcoholic beverages that combine whiskey and brandy with honey.

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Mead brewery

Lietuviškas Midus

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