Vilnius' famous bearded man's bar

Vilnius Mustache Uncle Bar

Updated: November 3, 2022

A bar with a local feel


Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, has many sophisticated and fashionable bars and restaurants. The famous owner with a long beard has three bars in Vilnius. You might be lucky if you meet the owner!


Another specialty is honey beer


There is no beer that you can get at the supermarket, only rare brands. One of the must-try beers is the traditionally brewed Kaimiškas variety (more specifically, "Traditional Beer Kaimiskas"). Here you can enjoy the kaimishkas from the brewery Jovarų Alus, and even better is the kaimishkas with honey (Su medumi). If you come to Lithuania and leave without drinking the live yeast beer poured from the tap, you will lose! A recommended appetizer is the fried bread sticks called Kepta duona. It is a stick-shaped bread fried in garlic oil, and depending on the menu, there is also a version with cheese, which is perfect with beer.


The store is also full of personality


Of the three stores, I visited "St.Stepon g. 8". Old Lithuanian banknotes are displayed, there are world maps and Baltic maps with many pins that are probably the owner's travel history, and information that locals will enjoy, such as rock festivals and basketball game schedules. There were many people lined up.


synectis beer bar

(Alaus Baras Šnekutis)

3 stores in Vilnius

  • St. Mikalojaus g.15

  • Pollocko str.

  • St.Stepon g.8


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