Genys Brewing

Baltic style craft beer


Honey liquor called the world's oldest liquor

Honey Brandy

Cognac x ​​Honey x Royal Jelly


To celebrate the anniversary of your loved one

Baltic Amber

All fossilized tree sap “amber” are unique pieces.

New products from the honey giant

Honey Whiskey & Brandy

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New arrival

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Made in Lithuania


Honey Wine "Mead"

Honey wine mead A sweet honey liquor called the world's oldest alcoholic beverage.

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Baltic Amber Accessories

Amber accessories All sap fossils from tens of millions of years ago are unique pieces.

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Wooden Ornaments

Decorate your room with wooden ornaments with unique animals

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Felt Coasters

Scandinavian pattern felt coaster Cute coaster with designs of trees and small birds

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Vegan Snacks

Sprouted buckwheat date bar “Tundra”
Cookie flavor / Raspberry flavor / Cocoa flavor / Cinnamon flavor

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Box sets with goblets are also available to celebrate your loved ones.

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