Mead liqueur "Biciu Pikio Trauktine"

Mead liqueur "Biciu Pikio Trauktine"
Mead liqueur "Biciu Pikio Trauktine"

Mead liqueur "Biciu Pikio Trauktine"

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This product is alcohol. Persons under the age of 20 cannot purchase.

"Mead + coffee + propolis" liqueur

A unique liqueur that combines mead, the world's oldest alcoholic beverage, with coffee and propolis. 35 % alcohol with fragrant coffee scent, mellow honey sweetness, and aftertaste. A delicious honey liquor that can be warmed up a little and paired with dessert.

Product information


liqueur / mead base liqueur

Alcohol degree




Main raw material

Honey, water, coffee, propolis/citric acid


Lietuviškas Midus

country of origin

Lithuania > Kaunas County > Stakrishkes


Agro-Baltic Gold Award (Baltic International Food and Beverage Exhibition/Lithuania)


Colors may vary due to non-use of coloring agents. Please store away from direct sunlight.

Origin of alcohol "Mead"

world's oldest liquor

"Hunter who had passed through the bee nests that was devastated by a bear, a hunter who passed the fermentation and drunk." This episode about 9000 years ago was said to be the origin of alcohol, and of course the common people. Many people have been fascinated and drunk from the kings and queens of the world to the gods of mythology.

Honeymoon etymology

In medieval Europe, Mead was believed to be blessed with child treasures, and a newlywed couple had to drink honey sake (HONEY) on the night of the full moon and work hard. This is the etymology of "honeymoon" and there is also a history that it was used as a wedding gift as an auspicious liquor.

About raw materials and manufacturing methods

the only brand in the world

Honey liqueurs brewed with special manufacturing methods based on propolis, famous for natural honey and health foods, which are also known as honey power.

Health food "Propolis"

It is a resin collected by bees to protect the nest, and is famous as an expensive health food that can be expected to have the effect of antibacterial and illness prevention.

Natural water source rich in minerals

Lithuania is said to have more than 4000 lakes and has a rich water source with natural mineral water. The 900 km long Nemnas River (English name: the Neman River), which flows to the Baltic Sea across the country, is also famous, and the Brewery's Stacrissukes region is also a mineral -rich water source.

How to drink according to the scene

according to the season

The sweetness of honey is followed by the slight bitterness of propolis. Ideal as a base for making original sweet cocktails.

Did you know that there is a way to drink brandy or whiskey in tea or coffee? Honey liqueur made with coffee is a hot cocktail that goes well with hot drinks.

It also goes well with whiskey and has a mild taste. Recommended for those who are health conscious and often drink highballs.

Lietuviškas Midus

mead brewery

Burtania's traditional liquor mead as the only brewery in Baltic Baltic, founded in 1959, has been designated by Lithuania's National Heritage, designated by EU Geographical Labeling (PGI), and a British royal family patent. I'm holding

In addition to the world's oldest liquor "Meed", it brews many unique brands as a professional for honey brews, such as liqueurs and spirits using honey.

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