mead mead and harry potter

Mead, the world's oldest alcoholic beverage, is often featured in works of antiquity. Even in the popular movie "Harry Potter", it appears in an important scene that connects the story to the final stage. This time, I will explain the appearance scene of the honey wine mead!


"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" (released in 2009 / Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince)


First appearance of Professor Horace Slughorn as a key person


Hogwarts School of Magic welcomes a new semester in the early stages, and Professor Horace Slughorn appears for the first time as a new professor of magical pharmacy. The focus is on the love affairs of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger.


In the middle of the story, a sweet that was delivered to Harry. Ron finds it first and eats it all, but in fact it was sent by a girl who had a crush on Harry mixed with a powerful love potion.

Poison in a cup of celebration of recovery...

Harry and Ron go to Professor Slughorn for help. Ron's symptoms disappeared after taking the medicine the teacher had prepared. Professor Slughorn proposes to treat him with a refreshing drink to celebrate his recovery.

Confused between butterbeer, wine, and dazzling oak matured mead, the professor chooses mead for his toast.

While pouring the mead into a glass, the professor said that he had saved it for other purposes, but that it would be a good opportunity to drink it. On the other hand, Ron wakes up from the love potion.


Ron immediately blows bubbles and collapses. Professor Slughorn is confused because he cannot grasp the situation. In contrast, Ron survived thanks to Harry, who immediately treated him with the necessary antidote. This mead was poisoned.


Conspirator to assassinate Headmistress Dumbledore


who poisoned Professor Slughorn reveals that the mead was supposed to be given to Principal Albus Dumbledore as a gift, and it turns out that someone plotting to assassinate Principal Dumbledore poisoned it.


Day after day people suffer from mysterious curses and assassination attempts continue. Draco Malfoy, who was ordered to assassinate Dumbledore by the dark wizard Voldemort, used a curse to keep his hands clean and without leaving any traces. However, the attempts continued, and the existence of Draco himself and Voldemort began to emerge in the background of the curse and assassination.

Harry decides to face his greatest enemy

Principal Dumbledore who knew Voldemort's existence behind his assassination and powerful curse. He decides to take action to break the curse, and even though he knows the danger and acts with Harry, he loses his life. Harry, who took over that intention, decided to take Ron and Hermione on a journey to break the curse, and the story entered the climax of the final chapter of the series.


That was the episode of honey wine mead that appeared in Harry Potter.

bonus episode


In the original story, Madam Rosmerta, owner of the Hogsmeade village pub The Three Broomsticks and under Draco Malfoy's curse of obedience, gave Professor Slughorn a Christmas gift for Principal Albus Dumbledore. Honey wine is drawn as a sake. It seems that Professor Slughorn forgot to give it to him and kept it for himself to drink.


In the play, there is a line in which only mead is given special treatment, "butterbeer, wine, mead mead aged in a dazzling barrel," suggesting that Professor Slughorn particularly enjoyed mead.

Butterbeer is a non-alcoholic drink that even children can drink. A famous drink that Harry, Ron, and Hermione drink in the series and is also sold at USJ (Universal Studios Japan).


Butterbeer is USJ, mead mead is Svente !