Craft Beer "Dark Forest"

Craft Beer "Dark Forest"
Craft Beer "Dark Forest"
Craft Beer "Dark Forest"
Craft Beer "Dark Forest"

Craft Beer "Dark Forest"

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This is a vegan and cruelty-free product. (at a third-party organization (not vegan certified)

Dark chocolate density with oats

The Baltic Porter, made with oats, has a complex flavor that continues with the simplicity of the forest with a richness that makes you feel dark chocolate and roasted coffee. The sweet body makes it surprisingly light and easy to drink.

Product information




Baltic Porter

Alcohol degree



440 mL

Main raw material

Water, Malt (Best Pilsen, Best Cara Munich III, Best Chocolate, Best Roasted Black), Hops (Challenger), Oats, Yeast (Lallamand Diamond)


Genys Brewing Co.

country of origin

Lithuania > Kaunas County > Kaunas


  • International Bitterness Units (IBU) 37
  • EBC (European Brewery Convention) 130
  • unfiltered
  • vegan


Please store away from direct sunlight.


We make beer using water, yeast, barley, hops and other 100% natural ingredients. We don't use what we wouldn't say ourselves.


Brewing beer using 100% green power made from renewable natural energy. We have a "Powered by Green" certificate issued by the Lithuanian Ministry of Economy.


Make beer with love! We are a small brewery that aims to make high quality beer. Emphasizing quality over quantity, all unique recipes are developed by ourselves. There is no compromise in taste and aroma. We slowly brew our beer for the best possible taste and aroma using eco-friendly techniques and are constantly challenging our craft.

Unfiltered (unfiltered)

Vegan specification because no filter aid is used

In order to make clear beer without sediments, a process called filtering (filtration) is necessary, but in order to efficiently mass-produce it, an animal clarifier called "isinglass" is used as a filter aid. It is true that there are many

It is not labeled as a final ingredient because it is an "auxiliary agent" that is removed along with the filtration process. Genys Brewing makes vegan-friendly craft beer without the use of isin glass because there is no filtering process. The skimming method produces 'unfiltered' beer.

Genys Brewing Co.

Slow Brewing Featured Brewery

Started with a very small amount of craft beer brewing in 2016 and won RateBeer's Best Brewer Lithuania in 2018. A brewery that is attracting attention for slow brewing that emphasizes environment, quality, and individuality. Taprooms all over Japan are also popular.

The sound of woodpeckers is often heard in Lithuanian forests. We chose "Genys", which means "woodpecker", as the name of the brewery, aiming to be a brewery that can be heard from afar and reach far away.

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