Craft gin "Gin Geronimo"

Craft gin "Gin Geronimo"
Craft gin "Gin Geronimo"
Craft gin "Gin Geronimo"
Craft gin "Gin Geronimo"

Craft gin "Gin Geronimo"

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This product contains alcohol. Those under the age of 20 cannot purchase it.
This product is one bottle per purchase. (The photo shows two bottles side by side to introduce the bottle design.)

A rich aroma and a refreshing aftertaste

Gin Geronimo, a craft gin created through trial and error, has a rich herbal aroma and a refreshing minty aftertaste. Even though it has 43% alcohol, it is refreshing to drink and is perfect as a cocktail base. A gin and tonic made with tonic water and lime is exceptional.

The label design, featuring a cat gazing out from the back of the bottle, is also unique, giving you the pleasure of watching the cat slim down as you drink it.


Product Information


Spirits / Gin

Alcohol degree




Main Ingredients

Juniper berries, coriander, lime peel, chamomile, mint, calamus root


Pakruojis Manor Distillery

country of origin





Store away from direct sunlight.



Craft sake made with local ingredients

The aromas and flavors of our spirits come from the nature that surrounds our distillery. We use the purest, most aromatic natural ingredients available in our immediate vicinity, observing their growth and harvesting them at the best times to use them.

Many of the herbs are grown within 20km of the distillery, and the farm on the estate also has a herb garden. In addition, the vegetables used are sourced from local farmers and are carefully selected ingredients. The honey is also of the highest quality, produced in the rich local natural environment. There is no compromise in ensuring that our alcohol is decorated with pure and natural aromas and flavors .


Pakruois Manor Distillery

Historic Distillery

Located in the Pakruois region of northern Lithuania, Pakruois Manor Distillery was built by a talented pharmacist on the grounds of an early 16th century mansion. At the end of 2018, the distillery was reinvigorated by Charunas Karalius and restarted after a long silence.

We produce a range of spirits and liqueurs inspired by traditional methods and ingredients from our local forests and fields.  

A manor with approximately 500 years of history

A lot of history is written within the mansion's walls. Since the 16th century, the mansion has seen wars, developments and destruction. Over the years, even the art of brewing and distilling alcohol was brought to the mansion, and it was one of the oldest distilleries in Lithuania.

Today, the mansion has been partially restored and is one of the Baltic States' leading cultural centers, housing a hotel and fine restaurants, and hosting many events throughout the year. The Pakruois Mansion, which is open to the public, will take you back in time to a time when nobles and commoners sang together on its grounds.


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