Etno Design felt coaster "LINEN LYLIOJ"

Etno Design felt coaster "LINEN LYLIOJ"
Etno Design felt coaster "LINEN LYLIOJ"
Etno Design felt coaster "LINEN LYLIOJ"
Etno Design felt coaster "LINEN LYLIOJ"

Etno Design felt coaster "LINEN LYLIOJ"

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Idea of natural wood + felt fabric ♪

The front surface is made of natural wood, giving it a warm look typical of wooden coasters. You can also hang it as an ornament by hanging it on a laser-cut coaster that delicately expresses Scandinavian patterns with nature and animal motifs.

Linen Leroy

Leroy, Linen's younger sister. Linen, my sister in Leroy. Leroy said when he sowed.

If you want it to sprout, you have to sow the seed. If you want it to grow big, you have to feed it. Tear it off, soak it in water, spread it on the ground, step on it, and hang it on the rake.

Leroy, linen yarn is spun, the finest linen yarn. Woven and billowing white clothes. Leroy, gift wraps, wraps around naked body. Leroy, enveloping even the cautious heart, Leroy.

~From “LYLIOJ, SESE, LINU”, an improvisational music handed down in the Biljai region~

Product information


felt coasters


linen and bird


  • surface natural wood
  • Back felt fabric


  • diameter 10cm
  • Thickness 0.3cm


Etno Design

Producing area

Lithuania > Vilnius County > Vilnius

Etno Design

Produce warm wooden miscellaneous goods

"EtnoDesign" was established in 2010 based in the capital Vilnius. Produces unique wooden goods centered on the two families of Linus and Luta.

Coasters, puzzles, ornaments, etc. are developed with a curious approach that combines wood and legends, and an unexpected idea that combines wood and felt.

Delicate laser-cut details and hand-crafted finishes create comfortable pieces that will brighten up your day with an innovative collection with the scent of wood.

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