Baltic Amber (Baltic Amber)


Fossil sap "Amber"


Amber is fossilized tree sap. In general, amber produced more than 20 million years ago is called amber, and younger ones are called copal, and the difference in strength etc. appears.

Baltic amber from the sea

Amber washed up on the coast from the Baltic Sea is called Baltic Amber, and is produced in large quantities in the three Baltic countries along the Baltic Sea, Denmark, and Poland. Among them, Lithuania, Poland, and Kaliningrad (Russian enclave) are said to account for 80% of the world's amber production.


Tens of millions of years ago, the sap generated from trees on the ground changed the terrain, sinking into the Baltic Sea, turning into amber over many years, and being washed up on the shore by waves. It is said that a lot of natural amber is washed up on the coast on the morning after rough weather due to storms.

Many types of amber

Natural amber naturally comes in a variety of colors and appearances.


The orange color commonly associated with amber is called "cognac amber" after the name of brandy. Those that are not transparent are called "cherry amber" and those that are cream-colored and not transparent are called "royal amber". There are other types of amber such as green and blue.


amulet item

Lithuania is said to be the last European country to accept Christianity. Until then, pagans called pagans worshiped nature and creatures, and worshiped forests, trees, snakes and bees.


Even now, if you go to the countryside of Lithuania, you can see that there are Pagan festivals and traditions are being preserved. And Baltic Amber is also useful as an "amulet" and "amulet" item.

what you see in amber

You may have seen insects in amber. This is taken in at the sap stage and fossilized as it is. In addition, the branches and leaves of trees, seaweed, and cracks that refract light and give it a sparkling look give it a unique look.


Lithuanian handmade accessories

Our amber products are handcrafted accessories using Lithuanian amber from the Baltic Sea. It is an accessory with a unique design that makes use of the shape of amber that has traveled tens of millions of dollars washed up on the waves. Therefore, each piece has a different personality and facial expression.

We also develop accessories featuring fossilized oak trees (bog oak) that are over 3,000 years old.

Amber's traveled sea time, and Bog Orc's traveled land time. The unique accessories that have been piled up for many years give you a unique personality that you can't find anywhere else.


Please look for your favorite from our Baltic Amber accessories.


Baltic Amber Accessories List (Bracelets, Pendants, Earrings)

Lithuanian Amber Myths


"Jurate and Castitis"

Amber of the Baltic Sea "Baltic Amber" is the tears of the goddess of the sea,,,