Craft gin "Copper Duke"

Craft gin "Copper Duke"

Craft gin "Copper Duke"

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Craft gin from Northern Lithuania

A new craft gin from Lithuania, the honey powerhouse, which blends 20 kinds of herbs, including juniper berries, which are synonymous with gin, with propolis and bee pollen unique to mead breweries .

Product information

Liquor Spirits / Gin
Alcohol degree 40%
Capacity 700mL
Main raw material Water, Juniper Berry, Propolis, Bee Pollen, Seabuckthorn, Orange Peel, Mulberry, Cinnamon, Oak, Bilberry, Black Currant, Red Clover, Calendula officinalis, Lady's Mantle, Willow Herb, Stinging Nettle, Lime Tree, Golden Chickweed, Artemisia absinthium, Rose Rose, Mint, Dill, Chamomile
Producer Lietuviškas Midus
Country of origin Lithuania
Kaunas County > 
  • Bee pollen is not recommended for those with severe hay fever, or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Please store away from direct sunlight.



Raw materials and manufacturing methods

20 herbs

Juniper berries, synonymous with gin ingredients, are often used to flavor mead. A craft gin made by a brewery that also makes honey distilled liquor. A unique gin made only in Lithuania with a luxurious recipe using 20 kinds of herbs, propolis and bee pollen.


Superfood "Bee Pollen"

Superfoods have been attracting attention in recent years as a food group with high nutritional value represented by chia seeds and quinoa. Bee pollen, which is made by hardening the pollen collected by bees with enzymes, is one such food that contains more than 90 kinds of nutrients and is expected to be effective for beauty and health .


Health food "Propolis"

A resin collected by bees to protect their hives, it is famous as an expensive health food that can be expected to have antibacterial and disease-preventing effects.



How to drink according to the occasion

gin based cocktail

Copper Duke, which has a unique taste among gins, can be used in gin-based cocktails such as gin tonics, martinis, and gimlets. It's also a good idea to enjoy the unique aroma and taste with just ice and carbonated water. It should be useful as an option for those who are aiming for a unique gin-based cocktail .



Lietuviškas Midus

mead brewery

Established in 1959, as the only brewery specializing in mead in the three Baltic countries, it brews Lithuanian traditional liquor mead, and has been given a Lithuanian national heritage, a protected EU geographical indication (PGI) designation, and a British royal patent. I'm holding

In addition to the world's oldest liquor "Mead", we brew many unique brands as a mead professional, such as liqueurs and spirits using honey.


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